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Ceramic Coating And Detailing

Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating at an Unbeatable Price

Looking for car detailing and ceramic coating near you? RMI Auto Detail is the premier car detailer in Northern Utah. We offer top of the line auto detailing and ceramic coating for vehicles. All our products are eco-friendly and very affordable. We utilize the latest nano-ceramic technology to administer ceramic coating that is durable and precise. If you live in Northern Utah, we can promise we will provide the best ceramic coating and detailing near you. Car detailing is our passion and we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied.


We offer a variety of car detailing and ceramic coating packages. Whether you need an interior or exterior application we’ve got you covered. For ceramic coating, we use GYEON Quartz Cloth, IGL Coatings and Ceramic Pro – a style of ceramic coating that utilizes proven, state of the art technology to protect your vehicle. Ceramic Pro protects against weather damage and scuffs. Plus, it creates an impermeable barrier against water, corrosion, oxidation, and UV rays. It’s one of the most powerful paint protectors currently used in ceramic detailing and thanks to RMI Auto detailing it’s now available near you.


We offer several five different ceramic coating packages: Gold, Silver Plus, Silver, Bronze, and Sport. Each package features a different level of protection and price. We offer the most competitive prices on the market and the best quality for your money. To find out more about our ceramic coating packages, check out our website. For Utah residents, the best car detailing and ceramic coating near you is available at RMI Auto Detailing.


A lot can happen on the road. Dirt and debris can damage your paint job. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can dull it's gloss or an unexpected rainstorm can wear away the paint. Ceramic coating is the best way to prevent your vehicle from losing its shine. A dull paint job can make your car look old and poorly maintained. A good ceramic coating will keep your car looking brand new for years. If you want car detailing done right, come find out why customers call us the best ceramic coating and auto detailing near Salt Lake City.


If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about Ceramic Pro or the difference between packages. We love to chat with our customers and show you why we’re the best-detailing service on the market. Visit us today if you’re in search of great ceramic detailing near you.

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