Protect Your Paint Job: Top 3 Paint Protection Films For Your Car

Paint protection film (PPF) seems to be a booming industry these days, but it isn't what it used to be. It's now essential for protecting your asset, which is your car.

Do you have a Tesla, or a Ford GT, or Dodge challenger? Maybe not, and it's okay. But you can coat it with the same protective films as an $86,000+ car and feel just as rich for a fraction of the price.

Yes, 3M and Xpel films are not just for the rich and famous for anyone looking to keep their car looking brand spanking new. The films of today are not like 2005.

We're going to follow our top three brands of paint protection film in this article. To be crystal clear, they're the best.


3M is a trusted name in adhesives in almost every industry. It is a research and development powerhouse in any form of adhesive product for any industry. If there is a name in coating and adhesives, it's 3M. From home use in tape and caulking to nuclear chemistry.

3M started with scotch tape specifically for car painters and body shops wanting to do two-tone paint jobs back in 1923. They're still looking out for car owners today with top-notch products that offer a balance of transparency, durability, ease-of-use, and excellent adhesion.


Xpel is a great brand, superior to even 3M. More clear and transparent than 3M products, Xpel is also self-healing. This means minimal yellowing and just being in the sun or throwing some hot water on your car to get rid of scratches.

As an alternative to 3M's prestige as a worldwide brand, Xpel is a reliable product firmly fixed in the PPF market.

3M might be very diverse in its portfolio, but Xpel is laser-focused on creating the best products on the market.

If there is a choice of PPF in your area, Xpel is an ideal choice and our pick. It's likely to last a decade and protect your asset for high resale value. RMI Auto Detailing has you covered by manufacturer training and certification, so you know professionals have coated your car.


SunTek deals almost exclusively with professionals in bulk-size orders of their product. Their goods perform well with self-healing layers, like Xpel.

If you grew up in South Florida, scratches aren't such a big deal (unless you're talking about shopping carts at Publix). If you are in the west, where snow, gravel, and rock are standard on nearly every road—you'll enjoy that feature.

In either case, UVA/B protection or protection against chipping, you'll want to know your dealer at least has SunTek available as an option. An excellent all-arounder, SunTek is a decent option for low-budget projects.

Crystal Clear on Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film isn't just a fad. It's a clear and present tool for protecting your assets. If it's good enough for helicopter rotor blades in the Vietnam war, it's good enough for your car. Though, let's hope you don't take it into a war zone any time soon.

PPF or paint protection film is a smart investment, but don't forget about ceramic coatings that you can put on over those films, just as on real paint. If you want to know more about ceramic coatings, you're in the right place.

Contact us for more information, and protect your assets today!

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