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Polishing Car

Why Choose RMI

  • Premium quality, great price

  • Quick car wash just up to 15 minutes.

  • Affordable car wash services

  • Highest quality car wash in Ogden.

We provide a better car wash using soft water and the finest soaps and sealants. We are Certified by Gyeon Quartz to bring to you premium exterior protection for your vehicle. Rest assured, when you come to RMI, your car is receiving top-tier service at a great price through our car washing process.​

The RMI Process

The RMI Process of car washing is backed by our premium detail shop quality and expertise which gives you a much better quality result than tunnel washes because we do it by hand, not by machine.  Our expertise in the auto cleaning business combination of passion, advanced chemical technologies, and extreme detail work is highly desirable by many car owners alike. We use only the safest ingredients and techniques in the RMI Process. You’ll notice the difference in the quality of the shine, the premium protection for your paint job, and the improved visibility through your windows because we do it right and with the right type of products that are not only safe for your car but also keeps your car clean longer. 


Whether or not you want to wash your car once a month or once a day, our car wash membership starts for as little as $29.99 per month. No catch, no contracts, and no hidden charges, just unlimited premium washes for your vehicle at an affordable price.