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Clean and clear headlights improve your driving vision and the appeal of the overall appearance of your car. 

headlight restoration.jpg
after headlight restoration.jpg

Over time your headlights can get yellow, cloudy or foggy leaving them dangerously dim without you even noticing it due to oxidation, wear and tear, dirt, and water vapor. In the US alone, approximately 2,500 people killed every year when crossing the road. Keeping pedestrians and other motorists safe with properly maintained headlights helps reduce the risk of an accident.

If you are in an accident because you have dim headlights, in most cases, the driver with low lights may be liable. 

With our car detailing service, we will restore your yellow/foggy headlights and make it looking new again. When you replaced your bulb, the dimming affect of your cloudy or foggy headlights casing will not improve the beams of your headlights.

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