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Welcome to RMI Auto Detail Studio. You now have a professional car wash and detailing space at your finger tips. Our bays are closed and ready to go to provide you with a climate controlled areas so you don't have to worry when the weather is too hot or too cold, just come in and bring your car for a quick wash or a full detail done on your car. 

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How to get started?

Just give us a Call or send us an Email here to book your appointment. 

What are the things I need to bring?

It depends. Everyone has different needs but in general, you can bring as much or as little as you want. In case you need something, we have everything you need available for rent. We also have a retail store with detailing supplies for purchase. Find the product list available for purchase or rent Here.

How long does it take for detailing my car?
Since everyone has different pace and knowledge, but in general, this should take roughly about 1 hr to detail the interior and 30 minutes to wash the exterior. 

What if I don't know what I am doing?
We have friendly staffs who can assist you or you can book a 1-On-1 coaching here to get you detailing like a pro in no time. We all had to start from somewhere and this is a judgment free zone.

What if I go over my time limit than what I have booked for?
We don't want to rush you but in case you need more time, we give you a free 10 minutes after your booked time. If you still need more time after the 10 minutes window, we will just charge you per half an hour. It's that easy.

What if I forget something?
Don't worry, we can rent you our equipment or you can buy from our retail shop. 

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